Prefects’ Guild History


  • In 1951, Hindu college which proud Hinduites call as " TheTemple of learning" came into being. Every society will have certain people as role models to look up to. In school these role models are the prefects. In 1969, our own version' of role models were formed by the then Principal of our college, Mr.P.Naliaiah.

    The prefects of our college have rendered great, unmatched, selfless service to maintain the college discipline and uphold its tradition at any time and at any cost. Also the prefects work their heart out to ensure the smooth functioning of the college.

1994 - 2001

  • In 1994 the first Prefects' day of our college was held. Mr.K.Ganeshalingam, former Mayor of Colombo was theChief Guest. On this occasion our then Head Prefect, S.Pradeep,declared that the guild will meet once a week to review and plan its activities. Also the Principal and the Teachers In-Charge will gather the opinions and problems of the Prefects and render them their valuable advice and guidance to empower the prefects to carry out their duties effectively.

    Our second Prefects' day was held on the 18th of December, 1996 at Saraswathy hall. Mr.N.Selvakumaran, Senior Lecturer Faculty of Law, University of Colombo was the Chief Guest. Then on the 31st of March 2001, our third Prefects' day was held. Our former Head Prefect,Dr.lndrajith Balasubramanium, was the Chief Guest.

2002 - 2007

  • The year 2002 was a stepping stone for glory of the Prefects' Guild. The Prefects' Guild reached its Zenith under the leadership of the then Head Prefect, V.Ketheswaran. A new Prefects' room was opened by our former Principal, Dr.T.Muthukumarasamy. Furthermore a new constitution was formulated for the guild. The subsequent guilds have adhered to that constitution since then.

    In the year 2003 the Prefects' Guild honoured Mr.P.Murugadas as the Chief Guest for the "Prefects' Day 2003". The year 2004 stands out from all the previous years as the Prefects' Guild,under the leadership of the head prefect, Dr.L.Prasanna Varun, organized a mega musical show featuring several local artists along with South Indian pop star "Tippu". This was held as a fund raising project to install air condition to our college auditorium. This was the first time such an event was organized by a school. Mr.S.Sriskandarajah was honoured as the Chief Guest for the "Prefects' Day 2004".

    In the year 2005, under the leadership of our former Head Prefect, Mr.N.Diroshan, relief items were collected to help the victims of flood in the East. Mr.P.Koneswaran, Finance Manager of Mountain Hawk Express, was the Chief Guest for the "Prefects' Day 2005".

    In 2006, Prefects' Guild along with our college old boys and staffs organized the "KalaiKathambam". Dr.S.Mathu was the Chief Guest for the "Prefects' Day-2006". The year 2007 was another milestone for the Prefects' Guild. An audio album was released for the first time ever. Also the college's educational exhibition was organized by the Prefects' Guild.

2008 - 2015

  • The year 2008 was a victorious year for the guild. They conducted several projects under the leadership of their Head Prefect, T.Gayashanth. They distributed time tables and sweeping charts for all the classrooms in the College. They broadcast Hindu FM (96.1 MHz) for the second time in our college history. They also came out with a novel idea of displaying the college layout at the two entrances of our college. At last, they conclude their period with the "Prefects' Day 2008" with the theme "A LEGEND EVOLVES". Mr.V.Janagan was the Chief Guest for their Prefects Day.

    Year 2009 was indeed a great a success for the Prefects’Guild under the leadership of their Head Prefect, Mr.T.Aruran. They started an inter school cricket tournament. They released exercise books and pens. They made mugswith the school logo for the first time in the school history. They also broadcast Hindu FM (96.1 MHz) and a tradition. First time in the school history they premiered the film "Athavan". They chose the theme "The Legendary Era Unfolds”and organized their Prefects' Day fabulously having Dr.T.Sutharshan as the Chief Guest.

    Year 201 0 was indeed great success for the guild. For the first time in our school history a Student Record Book along with the progress report was released. Also they made provisions to display the "Mission of Hindu" on all the three entrances and displayed class name boards and college name stickers for the first time. They distributed aid to the internally displaced people in North. They released an audio album "Ugham 10". Forthe firsttime their brothers, the Junior Prefects, also released an audio album as a fund raising project. Also they broadcasted H FM. They chose "Idols with Ideals" as the theme for the Prefects' Day.

    The year 2011 was the marvelous year in which.the names of the Prefects were recorded as the "Diamond Cops" in the history of Hindu College under the leadership of S.Kantharuban. Diamond Jubilee road race, printing Diamond Jubilee school logo and pic badge with the Diamond Jubilee logo, Diamond Challenge Trophy were the tremendous projects organized by the Prefects’ Guild group of 012 as an intro to the Diamond Jubilee walk and Diamond Jubilee Day celebrations. Diamond Jubilee day was organized by them having the President, Mahinda Rajapakse, as the Chief Guest. They also organized interclass cricket tournament to inculcate the spirit of cricket among students. Exercise books and stickers were also released by them. They organized a DJ show as an intro for their H FM through which they created an evolution in the radio industry. First time in the history, school students broadcasted programs internationally in more than 30 countries through the official website of the Prefects' guild. Director of Vettri TV, Mr.R.B.Vaamalosanan (A.R.V. Loshon) was honoured as the Chief Guest for the Prefects' Day- 2011.They organized their Prefects’ Day under the theme “Heroic Era Unravels”

    Year 2012 was also a successful year for the guild. They organized an inter- class softball cricket tournament under the theme "Mission with Vision". They released books for the school students under the theme "Venture to Virtuous". They also successfully broadcasted the H FM. They chose "Epitome of the Epoch" as their theme for their Prefects'Day.

    Year 2015 was indeed great success for the Prefects’ Guild under the leadership of their Head Prefect M.Umesh. They touched the zenith and spanned across all borders with Hindu FM (103.1) with innovative and boisterous programmes under the theme “Rhythm of Hindu”. They organized Farewell ceremonies to the retired teachers as well as organized Children’s Day and Teachers’ Day.They also had a successful Junior Prefects’ Day which was graced by Mr.V.Nadeshan. They also renovated our Prefects’ room. Finally, they chose “Hindu Juvenile Pioneers of the Domain ” as their theme to make their Prefects’ Day a grand success .

2016 - Present

  • In the year 2016,Mr.K.Seynthan retired from his service. Mr.S.Jeevakumar was appointed as the Master-in-Charge to guide the Prefects. They printed 'EXIT CARDS' to all the classes in the school to promote the discipline of the students. Moreover, they pasted the rules and regulations that every Hinduites should follow.

    The year 2017, vast changes were made in the administration of the College. Our Principal,Mr.l.Rasaratnam, retired from his service. They organized a great farewell ceremony to the past Principle in Saraswathy Hall. They have done a numerous projects under the patronage of the new Principal, Mr.T.P.Parameswaran. They have organized farewell ceremonies to their retired teachers and also conducted a Shramadhana campaign inside the college premises and they have also completed a painting project successfully. They broadcasted the HFM project successfully after 2 years and they have restarted Inter class Cricket Tournament and the Book project after 5 years and completed it in a great way. They chose “Revival of a Legacy” as their theme for their Prefects’ Day- 2017 and oraganised the event having Dr.T.Uthayashankar, the Head Prefect of the Golden Jubilee year, as the Chief Guest.