• Students must attend the school wearing school uniform and school badge. Attire that would affect the tradition and discipline of the school will not be tolerated. Junior students (Grade 1-9) must wear navy blue short trousers and white shirts. Students must wear polished plain black shoes and black socks. The badge should be sewn on the right hand side corner of the shirt pocket. Chain wrist bands, steel watches and rings are strictly prohibited.

    Students from Grade 10 to Grade 13 must wear white short sleeved shirt and white pair of trousers; the bottom of the trouser should be in the range 16/18 inches.

Dress Code When Representing the School

  • Grade 1 to Grade 9 –Long sleeved white shirt and Navy blue shorts.

    Grade 10 to Grade 13- Long sleeved white shirt and white trousers with pleats.

    It is compulsory that all students must wear polished shoes and they must wear the school tie.