Hon.Justice C.Nagalingam


  • The following 24 Hindu Leaders founded the Hindu Educational Society.

    1.Hon.Justice C.Nagalingam, K.C.(Senior Judge of the Superme Court)
    2.Representative of Trustees of the Sammankaddar Pillaiyar Temple
    3.Mr.K.Alvapillai, O.B.E., B.A. (Lond), C.C.S. (Civil Servant)
    4.Dr.A.Kandiah, A.R.C.S., D.I.C., Ph.D., D.Sc. (Lond), A.I.C
    5.Mr.M.M.Kulasekaram, B.Sc. (Lond), (Retired Vice Principal, Royal College)
    6.Dr.V.Nadarajah, L.R.C.P & S. (Edin), L.R.F.P. &. (Glas.)
    8.Mr.S.Sellamuttu, OBE, (Mayor of Colombo)
    9.Hon.Sir Kanthiah Vaithianathan, Kt. C.B.E, C.C.S., B.Sc. (Lond) (Civil Servant)
    10.Mr.K.T.Chitampalam, Proctor S.C &N.P
    12.Mr.S.Mahdevan, (Director, Sterling Product Ltd. – later Maharajah Organization)
    13.Senator Peri Sundaram, M.A., L.L.B (Cantab, Bar-at-Law and Advocate) 
    14.Mr.Sankar Iyer Mahadevan
    15.Mr.K.C.Thankarajah, (Later Chairman Paper Mills Corporation and Eelanadu)
    16.Mr.R.A.Nadesan, (Once Chairman, Express Newspaper Ltd)
    17.Mr.S.Somasunderam, O.B.E., J.P. (Proctor & N.P. later President of the Ceylon Law Society, and also later held the office of the President of HES and also of All Ceylon Hindu Congress)
    18.Senator S.Nadesan, Advocate
    19.Mr.M.Kanagasabay, M. INST.T
    20.Mr.V.A.Kandaih, B.Sc. (London), Advocate (Later M.P. for Kayts)
    21.Mr.A.Subramaniam, (Director, Mascons Limited)
    22.Mr.A.Ragunather, B,Sc, (Eng) A.M.I.E.F.
    23.Mr.K.Satchithananda, B.Sc (Lond), A.C.A. – Chartered Accountant

    Hon C.Nagalingam was elected as the first President of the Hindu Educational Society. Hon.Sir Kanthiah Vaithianathan and Senator Peri Sundaram were selected as Vice – Presidents. Mr.S.Mahadevan was the first Secretary and Mr.K.Satchithananda became the first Treasurer. Messures S.Somasunderam, M.M.Kulasegaram and A. Ragunather were the other members of the first Board of Governors. Mr.R.M.Palaniappa Chettiar, Mr.A.N.R.M. Ramasamy Chettiyar, Mr.KR, KN, AR, KN. Ramanathar and Mr.S.K.Vaiyapuri were the first representatives of the Trustees of Sri Kathiresan Temple to attend the first meeting of the HES. Messrs.M.S.Kandiah and Mr.A.Ragunathan were responsible for making the preliminary arrangement to build this college.

    In above founders we have only two founders' photos to publish in this site they are Hon.Justice C.Nagalingam and Mr.M.Vairamuttu.