• Mr.Ratnam a member of selection committee proposed for a college emblem in the period of retired Principal Mr. M. Pathmanathan. The proposal was seconded by Mr. Viswarasan (teacher). According to the proposal the college emblem was designed containing "om" (in tamil), Sivalingam, Idaba vaakanam (Holy Cow, as per Hindu Rituals), Book, Swans and college motto "Katrangu Oluguka" (Follow what you study). All these symbols were positioned inside a circle abstract.

    "om" is the crest of the symbol. This states that the sound waves created by "om" is the base of the function of this world and the vibration emitted by this "om" helps to invoke one's mind and persuades him in the path of learning.

    "Sivaligam" and "Idaba vaakanam" represents the Hindu Background. This means our school should function according to the Hindu Culture.

    Book is the symbol of knowledge and the instrument for Learning and teaching activities.

    The swans on the both sides of the book says that student should gain the correct knowledge sidelining what is not useful for their future betterment.

    "Katrangu Oluguka" (Follow what you study) is a proverb in Tamil literature which signifies the imporatance of following what the students have studied. It also says the student should be disciplined and educated to improve his mental and physical strength for a bright future.